Travel App

everything in one place

We never go anywhere without our mobile phone.  It is our tour guide, travel agency, best restaurant locator, maps and more.  With this in mind, The Travelcation Group brings all your documentations to your Mobile phone.  Gone are the days of paper documents.  We believe your itinerary and all documentations for your trip should be available in the palm of your hand at all time.  

When you book with the Travelcation Group, this is exactly what you will get, an interactive travel document app with flights updates and notification, trip notes, the ability to add in your own bookings and notes as well as group messaging.  

White label with your brand

Our Umapped platform consolidates itinerary, booking confirmations, destination content, messaging and real-time updates into an interactive and social tool.

All booking made with Backroads Australia & New Zealand can be branded to your company. 

We love using Umapped and your clients will love it too and will thank you for making their lives easier!